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A Fassi crane unit has the power to put ease into your work day. Inquire today by calling 616 698-9222!

Cranes Without Compromise

Fassi is an innovative leader in the design of hydraulic articulating cranes. With over 60 crane models and 30,000 configurations, let Giar Equipment work to customize your truck-mounted knuckle boom Fassi Crane unit.

As an authorized dealer of Fassi Cranes, we carry a full-line of heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty Fassi truck-mounted knuckleboom cranes for a variety of industries and applications.

Additionally, we are a full-service Fassi service and repair shop, offering both OEM and aftermarket Fassi parts.

Custom Truck Bed Options

Fassi Cranes are ideally suited for our custom built truck bed options, allowing for complete customization of your truck bed to meet your unique requirements.


Heavy Duty Cranes

Can be installed on 3 or 4-axle trucks and offer exceptional lifting performance.  The heavy duty Fassi line offers over 17 models with lift capacities ranging from 37,55 tm to 127,0 tm.

Medium Duty Cranes

Suitable for 2 to 3 axle trucks, in a variety of setups. The medium duty crane line offers over 39 models with lift capacities ranging from 13,0 tm to 34,1 tm.

Light Duty Cranes

Light-weight loader cranes mean that you can have Fassi quality even on light-weight trucks, even 3.5 TM (total mass) trucks that can be driven with a normal driving license.  The light weight crane line includes over 33 models with lift capacities ranging from 1,12 tm to 11,5 tm.

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